You Must Become A Level One Business Builder First!

There are essentially four levels in network marketing that you have to learn and carry out before you become successful and make real money. In this article, I explain why you must become a level one business builder first!

If you decide to build a house: congratulations! However, unless the foundation is strong, the house will not last. This same principle applies to your business and particularly to Network Marketing.


Anyone who works in Network Marketing starts from Level One. According to statistics, out of 100 people who join Network Marketing, 27 will need to learn Level One first because they have the will but they don’t have the skills. Only 3 will have instant success, because they have already acquired all the necessary tools, techniques and tricks. The remaining 70 only have the desire to work in Network Marketing. They look at short cuts and skills, but as soon as they discover the enormous amount of work required to achieve success, they QUIT…


PUSH MARKETING will represent 90% of your efforts in Level One. The remaining 10% will be PULL MARKETING (when people feel attracted to you and call you). PUSH MARKETING is when you make the first contact to a prospect, pick up the phone and say something like “this may or may not be for you but I want to show you a short presentation, see if it makes sense and we will talk about it when you are done”. Then you follow-up and call this person back, because when you are making the phone calls you are in control of the process. During this Level One period, you send emails, you “friend” people on Facebook, send tweets, do blog posts, run ads and PUSH this MARKETING out to find interested prospects.

We all start here because we still do not have massive credibility, and we still do not have the content or basic foundation to attract people into our funnel. We need to initiate the first contact and spend most of our time and efforts recruiting people.


The goal at this stage of your career is to BECOME A MASTER PROSPECTOR and a MASTER RECRUITER, a master of the art & science of motivation, persuasion and building rapport with people.

Most of us would prefer to hide behind our computer, run some ads, send people to a presentation that would do all the selling, and avoid having to speak to anyone. However, reality is different and success just does not happen like that. If you want to create a real business and true wealth in the fast track, you must absolutely become comfortable speaking to people. You have to meet with them, have a conversation, ask them questions, dig deeply to find their needs, wants, dreams and goals, and be able to come along side and offer them your hand. You must become a level one business builder first!


One of the best things you can do is to get the “Little Black Book”by Todd Falcone. It includes excellent scripts. Get this book and start reading the scripts and practice. Get a Teddy Bear and rehearse the scripts with it. Record yourself reading these scripts. Get on Skype, get the call recorder, and record your first calls to family and friends, or people you know. Fine tune your presentation. The more you practice, the better you will become. Over time, you will end up memorizing these scripts. You should understand how the masters are doing live calls, what to say, and more importantly, what to ask. Remember: the person asking questions is the one who controls the conversation.


You must become a level one business builder first! At this point in your career, you want to make sure that you spend 20 to 30 minutes a day on personal development. You should read books which will inspire you, help you to believe in yourself and give you the words you want to say. Get books like “Think & Grow Rich”, “Be A Recruiting Superstar”, “Go For No”,”How To Win Friends & Influence People” or “The First Year in Network Marketing”. Immerse yourself in this industry called network marketing. If you are not a reader, download some audio books on your computer or smartphone. Do everything possible to become a leader.


If you are building this business part-time, you should sponsor 1 or 2 people per week, and if you are doing it full-time, 3 to 4 people a week. If you do not sponsor anybody, you are not building a business and, therefore, you should ask yourself “what am I doing?”


It is imperative to SCHEDULE your time. We always SCHEDULE anything important in our life. You should schedule this business the same way. Whatever is the number of hours you plan to dedicate per week to this business, it should be scheduled. If you SCHEDULE your Network Marketing activities, you will undoubtedly succeed to sponsor 1 to 2 people per week.


The answer is: when you start generating your own Leads.


Once you personally enroll 24 people and have built a team of 100, it is an indication that you can now move to Level Two.


It is absolutely critical that you learn and become comfortable speaking to people. You must call your leads. When somebody has seen your presentation, you must follow-up, have a conversation with that person and collect his/her decision. The real business, the real money, will only be made when you get comfortable working with people. In this post, i explained why you must become a level one business builder first! Stay tuned! In the next post, I will tell you how to become a level two business builder.