The Number One Business Growth Killer!

Maybe you can relate to this. You have a full time job, kids to raise, soccer practices, a bake sale, a stack of papers that need to get processed for your business and a “to do” list a mile long for your network marketing company.

On a “typical” day, you enter your home office with a laundry list of things that you know needs to get done and you proceed to check your email only to discover there’s the newest “latest and greatest” traffic formula available or a “new” way of generating a flood of leads for your business. Fill in the blank with things that distract you on occasion.

You go check out the sales page and see what’s in it for the next 20 minutes. Maybe you scour the net looking for reviews on the product and in the meantime, you discover there’s another handful of products that can help your business that you weren’t familiar with. You proceed to pick up two of them.

Their ebooks and a couple of online videos. Now, 3.5 hours have passed since you first sat down to get some “work” done and the only thing you’ve achieved so far is you’ve purchased a couple of products. These weren’t on your list of things to do “either.”

You proceed to read the ebooks and watch the short videos. But there’s a big problem…not only did you already have this information, but the advice they’re sharing is completely the opposite of what you were told to do in the product you bought a month ago!

Opportunity seekers are constantly looking for the next “latest and greatest” – whether it’s a tool to make their life easier, maybe it’s a new business all together, maybe it’s a new software program, but whatever it is the “opportunity seeker” is constantly searching for the “easier” way to get things done.

It’s because of this, they purchase anything that comes available that will resolve the “itch” to get something done easier or faster than before. They really have no intentions of actually using the information. They’re “collectors”…information collectors. One of the results that takes place from having this perspective is they experience massive information overload. I believe this is the number one business killer because as a result, nothing productive takes place.

The true entrepreneur, however, views their business through a different set of lenses. It’s not that they don’t buy stuff – they do. The big difference is because they’re “doers” and constantly getting things done they know the difference between something that will genuinely help their business and they’re very particular and specific in their needs and understand what will and will not truly help their business.

It’s a different perspective. A completely different way of looking at their business.

If you’re constantly purchasing products “hoping” that the next one will truly be the “cure”, I want you to stop what you’re doing. There’s a really good chance you already have what it takes to at least get the ball moving.

At the end of the day you need a domain, an autoresponder and education on how to piece things together. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Don’t let information overload kill your business. Create a daily check-sheet of things that must get done – then tackle it…one item at a time. Equally important, don’t allow the typical “distractions” (emails, web browsing, phone calls, etc) get in your way. Force yourself to take daily, actionable steps that are objective and make them an absolute priority. Because your business depends on it.