Saving America, One Business at a Time

Sounds a bit presumptuous, isn’t it? But I believe it. I see what our strategies can do and I say, yes, we can save America… one business at a time.

Think about it. Even a very small business doing $500 thousand to 1 million dollars annually, with 6 – 10 employees has enormous impact in its surroundings. We can and do make a huge difference, one business at a time. We can save America, because America is based on small business enterprise. That’s a fact.

That small half million to a million dollar business pays at least $250,000 in payroll, which feeds a half dozen families, pays rent or mortgages for a half dozen families and they spend their money in their local community. It has been figured that every payroll dollar is multiplied by 7 in its effect on the local economy…thus $250,000 computes out to $1,750,000 in spending.

Then there is the rest of the budget, the remaining $750,000, buying goods and services, having a multiplier effect of another $5 million.

Of course there is the flip side, what happens when that business fails and the 6 jobs are lost? What happens to the families? Do they lose their home? Maybe. Do they lose their cars? Maybe. What happens to the children? The stories are not pleasant. What happens when the family loses their home? Not a pretty picture.

So given that our strategies keep people in business and strip off the debt as well as reduce the personal guaranties to affordable losses, if we can do hundreds of businesses a year, and we are, and if we grow to a thousand businesses a year and then many thousands… we can turn the tide and save America, one business at a time.

We may not be able to save everyone. There are and will be casualties. We may not be able to turn this deep recession around, single handed. But for each business we save, the recession has ended for that business owner and his employees and many of the small business owners around him that rely and depend on it buying goods and services and his employees also shopping in the community.

Yes we can save America, one business at a time. This may be the only way we can make a difference, as clearly all the money thrown at all the banks and insurance companies and auto companies has not made much of a difference for small business owners at all. In fact it has made things worse. But each business we save makes a huge impact and difference for the people involved and touched by this business.

Yes, we can save America, or at least little pieces of it, meaningful pieces…one business at a time. Call us; we will arrange a no obligation teleconference for us to discuss your options. Be part of the winning wave.