One Business Partner or Many?

The great thing about the internet is that we are all connected and we can all talk to each other very easily, whether that is over the phone, text messaging, Skype, Instant Messaging, Twitter, Facebook or any other avenue. But that is also the problem, there are tons of choices and it is very tempting to try to network and partner with every single person in your niche, that way you will have access to everyone you need.

The problem with that is that also means you will have to manage multiple people they will have to manage you, you will have to make commitments to them and there is also the issue of splitting up the money. Let’s talk about which is better, having one business partner with internet marketing or many business partners.

The good thing about having multiple business partners when you are working online is that you can delegate or outsource much of the work. If you want to pay a copywriter, pay an article writer, pay a graphic designer a set amount of money for them to complete a preagreed task, that is great. That is less learning curve for you, less time you have to spend, and less work in general for you.

That is great because you can focus on the one thing you are great at, for example it might be video creation or webinars, and let someone else worry about the things you might not be interested in such as copywriting or graphics.

Another interesting thing about working with different partners is that they all motivate you in different ways. You might be motivated to help one person because you simply don’t want to let them down, or you want to make them proud. You might help someone else because they are simply enthusiastic and energetic about what you are working on, and you want to match that level of energy.

If you are working on a team of five or ten people and you all have websites or you all have lists, and all are marketing each other there is a huge exchange of ideas, and resources, and excitement. The problems with working with many people is the distractions, and that you have to split up the money.

What I mean by that is if you have a mini syndicate of 10 marketers and you all promote for each other, it’s a double-edge sword. If they all promote you that is going to be great because now you are getting ten times as much traffic, ten times as many clicks, ten times as many sales as you would otherwise. The problem is that you are now dedicated and expected to promote those other nine people at a later date. If you do some kind of affiliate program or revenue sharing program now you are going to have to split your money many different ways.

What I would recommend is stand on your own at first, make your own product, make your own business, have other people come on as affiliates and promote other people as affiliates as well, but don’t necessarily hook up with and make commitments to many people right away. Start marketing alone then maybe work on one business partner and then expand to other business partners later.