Number One Business Success Tip For Beauty Salon Owners

If you are a make-up technician, cosmetic dentist, hairdresser, that has decided to set up a beauty salon you have probably spent years training to become good at what you do.

Unfortunately just being good at what you do doesn’t always mean you will have a steady flow of customers knocking on your door.

If you run your own business you could be the best technician in your field, but if you haven’t got your marketing and advertising right you may struggle for many years to come.

So, my number one business success tip for you is:

Become an Expert at Marketing.

By ‘Expert’ I just mean get good at the things that are going to bring you all the customers you will ever need for the rest of your business life.

Do you want to easily attract more customers on an ongoing basis?

Once you get your marketing and advertising right and your enquiries / customer base increases you will then be able to raise your prices, take more time off and really start to enjoy your business life, this in turn will help you to enjoy the rest of your life.

Are you thinking? I haven’t got any spare time to learn about marketing.

If the answer is YES, I suggest that’s even more of a reason for you to make time, get your marketing right and it will free up more of your time in the long run, it will also enable you to spend more time on the ‘most profitable’ stuff in your business and less time on the ‘least profitable’ stuff in your business.

Can you think of anyone in your industry right now who is; incredibly successful, always has clients and is charging more than most? I guarantee they have got their marketing right.

99% of most business owners do not market their businesses to their full potential.

If you want to be incredibly successful in this economy you simply must at least test as many Marketing approaches as possible including: Direct Response Advertising & Marketing, Internet Marketing, Magazine and Newspaper Advertising, Yellow Pages, Business Positioning, PR, Radio, Direct Mail, Websites, Email Marketing, Google Marketing, Telemarketing etc.

Your competitors are probably only using a few of these marketing approaches.

How many of the marketing strategies above have you tested?


Most business owners have never studied marketing so they don’t really know what it takes to create a successful and profitable marketing campaign, instead they just copy everyone else in their industry, not realising that the people they are copying have not studied marketing either.

It’s a vicious circle that will only change for the people who are dedicated to making their businesses and their lives better.

Business will continue to be a struggle for the rest of the business owners who do not make the effort in the right areas of their business and they will continue to waste money on ineffective marketing and advertising.

If you genuinely want a better life I recommend you make a commitment right now to do whatever it takes to get good at marketing.

If you dedicate just a little time every week over the coming months and years to ‘getting good’ at marketing I guarantee it will help you get ahead of your competitors and ultimately help you grow your profits.

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