What to Expect When Purchasing Heavy Equipment Through An Auction Service

The cost of buying new equipment is often one of the most significant barriers that new businesses face, but many entrepreneurs overcome this challenge by buying used. A traditional marketplace is an option, but an auction often allows a consumer to obtain quality equipment at the lowest possible price. The idea of attending an auction and buying items may be overwhelming, but the following is a quick look at the process and how a professional auction house will streamline each step.

Initial Equipment Inspection

Before the start of an auction, all of the items to be sold are displayed in one location and attendees are permitted to inspect the items thoroughly. An inspection period allows a potential buyer to determine if a piece of equipment will meet their needs and allows them to identify any issues, such as worn tires or excess wear and tear, that may warrant repair after purchase. Don’t bid on an item unless it has been thoroughly inspected.


At the start of the auction, the auctioneer will announce if there is a reserve price for any items in the lineup. As the equipment makes its way through the line, the members of the audience will bid on them, and the person with the highest bid will win. It is essential to set a maximum amount before bidding, which prevents a person from being caught up in a bidding war and spending more money than they should.

Insurance and Financing Options

If a buyer doesn’t have access to cash for the purchase of an auction item, then they will need to apply for financing. Most auction houses offer an in-house finance department which allows a person to get pre-approved before an auction and know that their transaction will go through. Some companies also provide insurance options which will cover any purchased equipment before it leaves the auction lot.

An auction is a great way to buy top quality equipment at affordable prices. The team at Equify Auctions is a leading provider of auction services, and offers a variety of purchase methods, including a marketplace, live auctions, and timed auctions. Check out this site to learn more and get the equipment a company needs without spending more than necessary.