How Can A Well Regarded Divorce Lawyer Help You?

In Connecticut, in divorce cases, everything isn’t always black and white. Sometimes disputes arise and tempers flare. The end results often lead to a costly divorce trial instead of a simplified divorce. A local attorney provides assistance to lower the chances of a trial and finalize the divorce quickly.

Ending Disputes About Assets

Common issues about marital assets are their exact value and which party receives them. The attorney arranges services such as property appraisals to establish the exact value of an asset. The services are beneficial in determining how the marital estate is divided. The attorney also provides negotiation skills to help their client acquire the properties and assets that matter the most to them.

Negotiating for Child Custody and Parenting Plans

To avoid trials and mediation, the attorney negotiates for child custody and parenting plans. If the couple isn’t able to agree initially, it is possible for them to reach a resolution about what is fair. Some child custody arrangements provide equal time with each parent.

If the couple lives in the same area, it is easier to manage the joint custody arrangement. Along with the plans, the couple needs to determine a fair and reasonable value for child support.

Enforcing Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements entitle spouses to specific assignments under certain conditions. Although the state uses no-fault divorce grounds, it is still possible to introduce fault in some cases. A clause in a prenuptial agreement related to infidelity often offers more marital assets or even child custody. It is vital for the petitioner to provide evidence to support the claim and enforce the original agreement.

Seeking Alimony for Educational Programs

In some divorce cases, rehabilitative alimony is provided to help cover the cost of educational programs. The alimony is paid each month to the spouse until he or she completes a degree program. The opportunity helps the spouse increase their earning capacity after the divorce.

In Connecticut, divorce cases require negotiation skills to ensure each party gets what they need. A local attorney offers their skills to prevent divorce trials and lengthy delays. Petitioners who need help in reaching an agreement contact a well regarded divorce lawyer right now.