What To Expect During The Installation Of A Residential Dumbwaiter System

Moving items between the various floors of a home is a labor-intensive task, and while a traditional elevator is a great option, the cost of installing a passenger elevator often exceeds $15,000. Another great alternative that helps to eliminate the physical task of moving items between floors is a dumbwaiter. Though the units are not approved for passenger use, many homeowners find that they make it easy to haul items such as clothing, food and other things throughout their home and saves them valuable time and energy.

Installation Location

The first step is to determine where the dumbwaiter should be installed. Most contractors recommend using existing closets within a home, as they make the installation less obtrusive and keep the unit hidden when not in use. The unit should be centrally located so that it is easily accessible and is close to the rooms where it will be utilized most, such as a kitchen or laundry room.

Dumbwaiter Shaft

After deciding on a location for the dumbwaiter, the next step is to build the shaft that will be used to guide the lift between the floors in a home. If the existing structural components do not accommodate the space requirements of a dumbwaiter, then a professional will have to build one. Once the frame for the unit is constructed, it may then be covered with drywall and painted so that it matches the existing color and style of the home.

Lift System Installation

The last step is to install the mechanical mechanism that will raise and lower the lift. Automated systems are more expensive than those that are operated manually, but allow anyone to move the dumbwaiter between floors with the press of a button. Manually operated systems are usually controlled using a rope and pulley system, which is counterbalanced by a set of metal weights. Manual models are more cost-efficient and have very few maintenance requirements.

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