Benefits of Investing in a Propane Floor Burnisher

One of the most common mistakes made within the commercial cleaning industry is the failure to strip and refinish floors with sufficient frequency. When this essential care is not provided, floors begin to take on a dull appearance and facilities’ images begin to suffer as a result. One cost-effective means for cleaning companies to ensuring that floors remain glossy and beautiful with less labor is to invest in a propane floor burnisher; read on to find out why it’s such a good idea to make this investment.

Efficient Operation

Rotary floor machines, which have traditionally been considered an industry standard, operate at 350 rpm. Propane powered burnishers, on the other hand, often operate at over 2,000 rpm, allowing operators to polish the same amount of space in far less time. This increased efficiency translates to less work for cleaning personnel.

Burnish Floors More Often

Since burnishing floors at high speeds requires far less time and effort than traditional methods of restoring gloss and shine, cleaning personnel can perform this work more frequently without dramatically increasing labor costs. This allows companies to keep their clients’ floors looking better than ever, helping to improve customer satisfaction rates.

Create a “Wet Look”

The ability of propane burnishers to operate at high speeds allows them to create a high shine, referred to within the industry as a “wet look.” Customers love this look, as it gives the appearance of cleaner, better-maintained floors. Commercial cleaners, on the other hand, love how easy it is to perform this work with a propane burnisher.

Safe Floors

Floor burnishers, when combined with other traditional cleaning techniques, create a clean and slip-resistant surface. This makes them safer for employees and customers and the cleaning personnel responsible for maintaining them.

Easier to Use

Once a commercial cleaner has been trained in the use of a propane burnisher, it will be easier to use than slower-speed equipment. Plus, the fact that it takes less time to complete a job means that operators experience less physical strain.

No Cords

Unlike their electric counterparts, propane burnishers don’t have cords to get in the way of cleaning, which also contributes to their ability to facilitate quick, easy completion of even large-scale jobs. Plus, there are plenty of floor finishes available on today’s markets that are compatible with high-speed burnishers.