Reviewing Opportunities For Worker’s Compensation Cases

In Oklahoma, all workers are eligible for worker’s compensation benefits if they are injured on the job. However, certain conditions can apply according to the terms of the insurance policy. These conditions could include a failure to follow safety policies. A local attorney can help workers who are denied benefits for a work-related injury.

Why was the Worker Denied Benefits?

The insurer must provide a letter that explains exactly why the worker was denied worker’s compensation benefits. The denial must be based on the terms of the policy including clauses of which the employer is aware. The insurer must explain the reason and outline the term in the policy that allows the denial of benefits.

Can the Worker Get a Second Opinion?

Yes, typically, employers want the worker to visit their own doctor. However, the worker has the right to use their own doctor for their medical assessment. If the worker is sent to an emergency room and can’t see their doctor, they have the right to seek a second opinion from their own doctor. If the second opinion doesn’t match the initial assessment, the worker may have a viable claim.

Who Establishes Eligibility for Monetary Benefits?

Eligibility is determined by a claims adjuster who is assigned to the worker’s compensation claim. They review the medical assessment and compare it to the terms of the insurance policy. The claim’s adjuster must provide information to the worker as soon as a decision is determined.

Who is the Defendant in a Legal Claim?

Typically, the defendant in the legal claim is the employer and the insurance carrier. However, it depends on how the worker was denied the benefits in the first place. If it is discovered that the employer didn’t abide by laws, the claim is filed against the employer entirely.

In Oklahoma, all workers have the legal right to seek compensation through a worker’s compensation claim if they are injured on the job. The insurance policies are purchased by the employer to cover these liabilities and provide workers with benefits. Injured workers who need answers about these claims can visit for more information today.