5 Reasons it May be Cheaper to Buy a Printer Cartridge Refill Than to Use OEM Cartridges

OEM printer ink is quite costly; it’s more expensive than oil, gasoline, champagne, and perfume. However, most people aren’t sure just why it’s so expensive. According to the manufacturers, it’s because of the work that goes into the development of cartridges. Below are several reasons for the high cost of printer ink.

Development is Time-Consuming

While an ink cartridge may seem like a small, simple piece of equipment, they’re quite complicated. All of the cartridge’s parts have to work together to get the ink to the paper and keep it there, and manufacturers spend a great deal of time figuring out how to do it. All this R&D costs money, which is reflected in the cartridges’ price.

They’re Designed for Specific Printers

Everyone knows different printers take different cartridges, and the manufacturers did this intentionally. Each cartridge is designed to work with a certain printer or series to provide the best results, and this requires a huge research budget. Manufacturers continually release new models, and cartridge technology has to keep pace.

More Research Equals Better Quality

Printer manufacturers’ research has led to better technology. From complex print heads to ink advancements, all this research has led to faster, better-quality printing. However, the high quality comes at a price, and ink cartridge costs show it.

Most People Use More Ink Than They Think They Do

Printers don’t just use ink when they’re in use; they also use ink to maintain the cartridges. For instance, Canon and HP cartridges use a bit of ink during downtime to push dried ink and air bubbles out.

The Printer May Not Suit the User’s Needs

If a user isn’t getting much use out of their cartridges, it may be that they have the wrong kind of printer for their needs. Those who do a lot of printing may need an office-style printer; those who only use a printer once or twice a month can buy a less powerful model. Consider buying a high-yield printer ink cartridge, which holds more ink and lasts longer.

There are many alternatives to OEM ink cartridges. Buying a top-quality cartridge or printer cartridge refill can help users save money while ensuring that they get the same quality printouts they expect.