Getting By: 6 Different Ways To Make Money If You Have A Disability

Many people suffer from various types of disabilities. These can often prevent them from ever working a substantial job again. Fortunately, there are disability benefits that can help provide an income to these people. Unfortunately, these benefits can be significantly lower than a person may be used to receiving. Here are 6 Different Ways To Make Money If You Have A Disability that may provide a little help.

Rent Out Space
If a homeowner, there are several options for making a little cash every month. The homeowner could downsize to a smaller apartment with cheaper utilities and rent out their home. If not an option, maybe renting a spare bedroom could be. If living in a big city, renting out a driveway to commuters could be a method for making a little cash.

Selling Junk
Almost everyone has items around the house that are of no use. Selling them online can help bring in a little cash. If good at finding bargains, spending a little time at garage sales and flea markets can bring more items that can be sold for a profit.

Baby/House Sitting
There are several websites that allow a person to sign up and be available for various babysitting jobs around their town. If one’s disability makes that impossible, house sitting can be an option for bringing in a little extra money.

Dog walking
Another great option, depending on a person’s disability is dog walking. One could reach out to friends and family to help out with their family pets for a little cash to help get through the month.

Customer service
Many companies who have call-in numbers for their products on television often hire people from home to take these calls. There are various resources online that can assist anyone in becoming an at home agent. In one’s free time, they can answer calls for these companies.

Writing and other freelance jobs
There are a plethora of freelance jobs available online. Depending on a person’s disability and skill-set, there is sure to be something available. For example, if a person is pretty good at writing, they can pick up jobs writing articles. There are various other tasks, such as data entry and surveys, that are available,

These options may not be enough to provide the sole income for an individual or family. However, they could provide a little extra cash every month to help get through.