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Flooding Damages and Proper Ways to Control It

Professionals and laymen agree that a flood is a body of water covering land dry under normal circumstances. Floods constitute regular natural calamities. Human development is always affected by flooding worldwide. Listed among the effects of flooding are they destroy premises, influence soil erosion and contaminate water for drinking. Overflowing lakes, rivers as well as seas are just but a few causes of floods across the world. Flooding is as old a human life. Notably, human beings started by settling along rivers and slowly began to civilize. The reason was simple as human life needs water.

Flooding also carries its good side in spite of the many negative effects. Nutrients deposited by floods every year around River Nile in Egypt by the river made the entire region fertile. This was before the construction of the famous Aswan High Dam. Despite their fatal nature, floods deposit fertile soil in Bangladesh during the monsoon season. However, they also kill thousands of people in addition to destroying property.

Floods always hit land next to rivers and water masses at yearly. Heavy rainfall in the sources of rivers makes them carry more water to the mouth. When snow in mountains melts, it is another likely cause for flooding. Thunderstorms result in flash floods as well. When they occur, small rivers are forced to carry water ten times their capacity. Silt, sand and water are carried by slow moving rivers. They erect beds in the process. Beds make the rivers occupy a higher level than the surrounding land. You find such rivers in Chicago.

The rate at which rivers in Phoenix AZ erects develops floods is slow but results devastating. The effect goes to more land. Coastal rivers such as those in Fort Myers are also on the receiving end of floods. The height of waves caused by floor tsunamis occurring on the ocean reaches 15 meters. Courtesy of the height of waves, floods affect land that several miles away from the coast. A tsunami in the Indian claimed more than 250,000 people. Affected countries included Thailand, Sri Lanka and Indonesia among others.

Cyclones, hurricanes as well as tropical storms are other causes of destructive floods. The whole region of Mississippi Delta felt the strength of Hurricane Katrina as it did Chicago. The effect was felt in Fort Myers and Phoenix AZ. Participating agencies did well to evacuate people as damages and ravages would have been more. Low-lying areas have a higher risk of flooding. The Netherlands, whose major part lies below sea level, is an example. Haiti was compounded and almost crashed by floods.

Actions by human beings also cause flooding. No one disputes the role of trees and plants in protecting the world from the effects of excessive water. Deforestation leaves rainwater to flow through barren land. These actions cause mudslides during rainy seasons. Actions of excess water on dams causes cracks. At times, they cause total breakage of the wall. Many methods are developed o take care of the effects of floods. The Netherlands for instance, has constructed dams and dykes to safeguard the land along the coast.

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